Stockholm <3

I’ve been to Stockholm twice and fell in love with the city. Scandinavia is a cool peninsula in many ways, the minimalist fashion and interior design, those cool hipster latte pappas that you see in Stockholm’s Sodermalm island (Latte pappas: lucky guys who enjoy their long paid parental leave, walking their kids while grabbing a coffee). I’m a foodie when regarding travelling, Sweden is not such a great place for foodies, yet I find its capital extremely attractive. I remember people are so friendly there, even the Roma ladies on the street. They would greet me friendly, waving at me, “Hi hi”, instead of those I met in Brussels North station who shouted at me, with their hands touching my sandwich, “Give me your sandwich!” Also I love the “Fika” concept when you have a coffee and pastries with friends.

Today I’m going to take my Steemit friends to this lovely, vivid, stylish city – Stockholm.

Stockholm old town is very charming, it’s a colorful city, mainly green and blue toned. Stockholm city is pretty spread out and is connected by different islands. Each islands has its own gem. I enjoyed the coffee houses and little independent shops in Sodermalm. I wandered in the nature close to the Drottningholm Palace. Except for the food, there’s a lot to do in this city.

The Stockholm metros are amazing, I bought a 24-hour ticket. It was wonderful, filled with art, they use some caves as the shape and painted all different colors.

Randomly got into a indoor market. I saw many meatballs, meatballs and meatballs.

Vasa museum is a must-see in Stockholm, even for non museum-goers, such as me. I’ve never seen a boat so amazing like this. At first I didn’t plan to visit it, I did see it in every Stockholm’s travel guide, but expected it to be no more of a big boat museum. Until I met an old friend in Stockholm and she insisted me to skip everything but visit it.

The Vasa was a 17th-century Swedish Warship with a bad luck. It went sinking only 20 minutes into its maiden voyage due to some waves and design choices that were ahead of their time. The huge boat takes 6 floors of the building. There is lots to see on every floor. It’s an absolute wooden masterpiece, very impressive in its detail.

Regarding this fountain, I think it’s interesting. The first time I took a photo of it, thinking something is wrong, why does the fountain keep spraying on this guy’s face, is it deliberate? Should it be like this? Then my second visit answered my question. My second visit verified that it was simply broken.

I went to Stockholm’s modern art museum. The permanent exposition is for free and shows amazing painters such as Dali, Miro, Picasso or Munch. I love this painting with neon lips. From the attic you can have a great view of Stockholm city and harbor.

Thanks for reading.