2018 recap – my travel map

Thanks to @streetstyle giving me this great idea to make a recap of where I’ve been in 2018.

It was a great travel year for me. Been to so many places that I actually needed to check out my instagram logs and maps to remember the name of some cities lol (the number is sequence of the cities I’ve been to).

Detailed maps:



So happy I’ve made it to Central Asia and West Africa, the two regions I always wanted to visit. Will for sure visit more countries in these two areas in the future.

Some great memories.

Not sure if I’ll travel as much in 2019, at current crypto price, probably not, but for sure I’ll go back to China before summer when it gets too hot there, haven’t been back for more than a year now, and probably travelling around Asia for a while. I miss Asia a lot. Besides that, no further travel plans so far.

At the moment I’m taking a short break from further checking off my travel bucket list. Travelling is still my biggest passion and there are still so many places I haven’t been to and would love to visit, but probably there’s much more to do and to discover in life also.


Hope you all have a great 2019 and travel as much as you wish. 


travel maps made with google mymaps, great app for sharing your travel plans.