A visit to Shenzhen electronic mall

As you might already know, the electronic industry is extremely big in China. There’re several electronic malls in almost all medium to big sized cities. We go there to repair our phones, get our computers installed or find some trendy gadgets. I went to those markets quite often when I lived in China.

Still, the ones in Shenzhen were able to fascinate me. There is this whole Huaqiang area full of electronic malls and shops. I actually shouldn’t have been surprised since Shenzhen is an important city for the export of electronic products.

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Celebrating New Year 🎉 at Shenzhen Midi Music Festival 🎼

Yesterday I failed to start a live streaming at the Midi New Year festival in Shenzhen, maybe because of the slow connection of internet or VPN. I had a great time there. Now I’m sharing some photos I took.

It was my first time to go to a Chinese music festival. The festival here in China is somehow a bit different than those in Europe. The most unusual thing was there was almost no alcohol sold, which was kinda strange to me, but they offer much more healthy options, such as fresh juice and tea.

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My 2018 planning 聊聊2018年的计划

photo taken at Shenzhen airport

一转眼一年就要过去了。祝大家新年好!谢谢 @travelgirl @shanghairabbit还有 @twinkledrop的点名,我也凑个热闹,写写2018年的计划。通常我是个懒得写计划的人,虽然不做计划,也经常撞大运,每年都学到不少,比如过去一两年我学习了不少区块链的知识,也是出于偶尔,完全计划外。

I noticed everyone has been talking about their planning for the coming 2018. I feel I’ve always been on the way lately and I hadn’t even realized it’s already the last day of 2017, please allow me to get on this “2018 planning” train before it gets too late. 😊

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「Vlog」Scenic walk down into the valley of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Many people think the Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie is all about the Glass Bridgebut it is much more than just the bridge. I absolutely enjoyed walking down the valley to a lake where you can take a boat to the exit. The glass bridge is only the beginning of the beauty of the area.

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