Japanese dinner in Nantong (Ooshima restaurant)

In Shanghai area there live many Japanese people, even in smaller cities like Nantong. Therefore many kinds of Japanese food from sushi, tappenyaki to the traditional izakaya, can be found here, much more compared to Belgium. Even though I’ll be travelling to Japan in two weeks, still I can’t resist the temptation when I see those Japanese restaurant on the street.

You can have your little compartment.

Let’s begin with the advocado salad ?

Mixed Sashimi ?

Grilled goose liver (this one is not so Japanese).

And of course some Sushi.

I think Tempura is a cool Japanese dish. Normally I don’t like the deep fried dish as such in Europe but I love Tempura ?

Seems I was really happy about this king crab steamed egg. ?

I don’t think it is enough for two persons (just kidding), so let’s eat more, maybe some grilled fish and beef ribs.

I was drinking plum wine and had milk pudding for dessert.

It was a great meal. I think if you are a fan of Japanese food like me, you will be happy in Nantong and some other cities near Shanghai :p





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