World’s highest and longest glass bridge didn’t scare me!


Have you heard about the glass bridge over the Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie? I’ve seen photos before and finally went there during my trip to the area.

It was quite cool and I think it was cooler than the Zhangjiajie national forest park, maybe because there are less commercial activities and vendors, making it more natural and tranquil. From Zhangjiajie city you can take a mini bus to the canyon and it costs 25 yuan (~3€). The bus goes every 20-30 minutes and the bus ride is around 1h30. Right now is the low season of Zhangjiajie so you won’t see that many tourists even though the bridge is said to be World’s longest and highest Glass Bridge.

Scenic K810 train ride in China (from Changsha to Zhangjiajie)

I love trains. China has an extensive train network that links almost all the major cities around the country, although sometimes it can be difficult to get the ticket especially during bank holidays.

There are many scenic rountes in south and west China where density is relatively low compared to the east part of the country. West Hunan provence is famous for its landscape, the most famous being Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan national park. I took the K-train from Changsha to Zhangjiajie. Many bullet train routes have been built in recent years, yet there are only slower trains for more remote places in middle and west China. I chose the second class seat to go to Zhangjiajie.

Japanese dinner in Nantong (Ooshima restaurant)

In Shanghai area there live many Japanese people, even in smaller cities like Nantong. Therefore many kinds of Japanese food from sushi, tappenyaki to the traditional izakaya, can be found here, much more compared to Belgium. Even though I’ll be travelling to Japan in two weeks, still I can’t resist the temptation when I see those Japanese restaurant on the street.

An example of Persian gardens in Shiraz – Affif Abad garden

They say Shiraz is a city of poetry and “the garden of Iran”. You can find many persian gardens in the city, the famous one being Eram garden, which literally means the garden of paradise. Eram garden is famous for its variety of trees (the largest collection of the whole Middle East). But today I’m going to show you another one called Afif-Abad Garden.

This oldest garden in Shiraz is built during Pahlavi period. The garden and house in the middle used to be owned by the Ghavami family and to be used as a palace and recreational place back in time. Affif-Abad garden is a typical example of Persian garden.