The 2nd heat wave of this year is coming, can I survive it?

Although 30+ degrees temperature is nothing for most places in other parts of the world, when it’s above 30 degrees, we panic, really panic, no joke. It becomes news suddenly and we get warned we have to be careful and drink a lot of water when going outside.

Maybe it’s because the climate is rather dry here in Belgium, the grass next to my home becomes totally brown these days, no longer green. I have to turn on humidifier the whole day, otherwise I wake up with the aching dry throat.

That could be the reason when it’s above 30 degree, it feels scorching, I feel lucky I don’t have to go outside those days.

Or it can also because of the global warming, I remember many years aho, when I first arrived in Belgium, it wasn’t so warm and it was always raining, I guess it becomes warmer and warmer every year. At that time I don’t hear many people having an airco or even a mobile airco, but nowadays it is quickly sold out in many online shops during the summer.

I’m not someone who can easily take the heat to be honest, I remember when travelling in SE Asia, I sweat af all the time. So I normally also don’t go more South than Belgium in the month of July and August. That saves me a lot of money too, because tickets and hotels are expensive these months.

So, the heat wave is coming, it can go up to 35+! Scary right?

I don’t have an airco at home bacause it’s kinda silly to buy such thing just for two weeks’ heat wave every year lol but again regret during every hear wave T.T

Bought some cold drinks already, stored some groceries, decide to stay in the whole week, hope I can survive the heat wave!