L’Harmattan, no not the French publisher L’Harmattan, I’m talking about the Harmattan season in West Africa subcontinent. Each year from November to March, dusty trade wind from Sahara blows over West Africa, creating this dry, dusty scenery.

I actually though it was pure pollution. I used to live in China for many years, on a heavily polluted day,  it looks just like this.

Man is a city in the west of Ivory Coast, surrounded with mountains, so it feels slightly cooler than other regions of the country.

I doubt if I can feel any difference in temperature. It’s still hot and dry, 26 degrees Celsius at night is hot right? I heard during Harmattan season, temperature can drop below 10-15 degrees sometimes. Maybe that’s why I sometimes see locals wear jacket at night…

This photo has nothing to do with Harmattan, I just like to take photos.