「LaterSteem」Famous hot dog shop in Belgium – WÜRST

I’ve heard about this hot dog shop called WÜRST for quite a long time.

It’s been famous in Belgium. You see the food truck stalls in different music festivals and city festivals in Belgium. In most cities you find the restaurants in the street too.

But strangely I’ve never tried it before, maybe I always try to avoid the queue. I don’t like to queue for food, and this is so not-Asian, I know!

Anyways, I’ve tried them finally, they are only OK, it’s hot dog, not bad, not amazing either. It’s a good hot dog!

This is an scheduled post. Scheduled before Xmas to post so the xmas decoration won’t overstay their welcome on Steem ^^

Joy is travelling in West Africa, maybe eating hot-dog or street food in Abidjan. If you see this post, it means Joy is too busy or hasn’t found the proper internet to share her updates.

Stay tuned, Joy will updates her West Africa trip.