Shopping mall in Abidjan

In Abidjan there are a few modern shopping centers. Went there on the last day of my trip because I need some warm clothes for in Europe to wear when I go back. I travelled light so only brought some summer clothes.

Of course, there aren’t many winter clothes in a tropical country like CI. What was I thinking? I managed to get a trench coat luckily, otherwise will need to wear the cami top in 0 degree Paris for my transit haha.

Economy in CI doesn’t seem so good. There aren’t many malls in the whole city and the mall doesn’t have many stores or restaurants either.

But I found a juice shop selling Bissap juice. Funny thing is you don’t find many bissap juice sold on the streets in Abidjan, not as many as in smaller towns.

A random selfie.

Fresh juices you can mostly only find in a shopping mall or restaurants. I think I like India and SE Asia more, where you find fresh juices more easily.