Are we already 7 days before HF21?

Does it mean we’d better stop shitposting from now as payout window is 7 days and from 27th we will start to have 2.5 free downvotes per day.

Although I’m an experienced SHPer, it can sometimes be tiring to SHP daily. BTW experienced SHPer is no joke, I started when I was 12 I believe in a local student forum, where I SHPed every day to reach a very high level, we sometimes did offline meetup too, pretty similar to Steem (my boring teenage time back in China lol).

So, so, what do you think?

Excited for HF21? Do you think things are going to change or rather stay the same? Do you think there will be random flagging wars more often? Do you think it will be easy to stay away from the war?

I guess those aren’t the most important, whether we can get new investors, or at least get the existing Steemians to power up more SP is more relevant. Do you think its gonna happen?

Hey let’s talk about it today!