Indochina is calling

Got my ticket to Hanoi the other day. Haven’t been back to Asia for more than a year now, time to go back take a look. Similar like previous times, I plan to visit some other Asian countries as well. Staying in my hometown while all the friends busy with their kids or their day jobs seems a bit boring to me.

Was thinking about doing the trans-Siberia train at first, something I want to do for years but never found a chance. I almost booked it this time, was already checking how to get the Mongolia visa, where to stop over the long journey, etc.

Yet a cheap return ticket to Hanoi seemed more tempting during this bear market, next time then, Siberia and Mongolia!

OK, VietNam, I haven’t been to that part of the world since forever, it was actually where I started my kinda crazy travelling life, it was 7 or 8 years ago maybe. I was super young, nervous yet excited about travelling and everything. Until this day, I can still remember every details that happen in the trip, including how I was buying the train ticket, how I almost missed the connection flight, and of course also those travel buddies picked up along the way, etc. Crazy I still remember right? Feels like yesterday, so nostalgic. Where did all these years go? Afterwards, I did came back a couple of times but never    has done a long trip there ever since.

I was trying to add some pictures but strangely back then I didn’t take many pictures as now. When you are 18,19, you always think life is long, so long that you will have so much time and so many opportunities to see the world and take more pictures. I was a much cooler traveller as well even though I was just a noob: I didn’t take a lot of selfies, neither did I bother to ask random people take photos of me. I didn’t even visit any touristic spots, I didn’t care at all haha. How I miss those days!

Anyway I’m so excited to go back to Indochina, will probably travel around in Asia as well, Cambodia, Taiwan, etc, anywhere else I have to add up to my trip, suggestions? I have almost 3 months to kill this time, leave in a month and half from now, get enough time to handle all the visas (how I hate my passport again!) will have to miss this year’s Roadburn festival but will come back to Europe for the summer festivals.

One of the few only selfies I took from that trip lol. Tell me I look similar as 7 years ago haha.




做旅行計劃的時候,總是想起很多年前第一次獨自長途旅行的時光。彷彿一切都歷歷在目,一切都是昨天,我甚至記得我是怎麼排隊買火車票,怎麼差點誤了飛機,怎麼喝醉了還要去看網球比賽⋯ 也記得一路旅行一路撿旅伴,記得遇到的一個剛成年的新西蘭毛利男孩一直偽裝成他已經20歲出頭了。