Let’s talk about why we use Steem

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Let’s talk about the reason why we are using Steem. Not only Steemit, but also the Steem dapps, say DTube, DLive, Steemhunt, Steepshot.

The other day when I was in the music festival, I was so excited that I took countless photos and videos. I’d like to share them with my friends who weren’t there, so I was uploading them to Instagram stories, almost every friend of mine like using the “Instagram stories”. At some point, I really hope I could use Steepshot as easily as Instagram and all my friends start Steem it.

In fact, some of my friends did join Steem but they were too busy or lazy, I guess, to make a post (yea, post or blog sounds big and time-consuming). As just a small dolphin, I also couldn’t give them any guarantee of the payout. It shouldn’t be my problem of course but the payout seems to be the top.1 interest for most people coming here, and if no rewards after a while, they leave. 

Some Steemians say that we shouldn’t care too much of the payout, or view the whole Steem eco-system as simply a rewarded social media platform. I totally understand it, as Steem is a revolution, it is a blockchain of opportunities and it can have great potential too.

However, how’s user experience then? 

I was so happy that I could do mobile live streaming in the festival the other day, but shouldn’t it be normal for a live streaming platform? Why was I so happy then? lol. 

The other day I told one of my friend now you can do “instagram” on Steem now, she was more than happy to use it, but then told me it was so slow to use, so imagine, for a newbie, if you don’t make any penny on Steem, then what’s the motivation of using it then?

I’m totally aware of the fact Steem blockchain is only 2 years old, it’s in absolute early age of a product and the dapp teams are probably working hard, here I only want to discuss the user experience for Steem.

Or maybe Steem isn’t made for everyone to use?

Just like Utopian or Steemhunt, its rule and restrictions makes it not for everyone to use.

Then I guess it’s for those who still see a potential of Steem? Or for those who don’t care taking longer time to test out blogging on…blockchain?

What do you think about it and why are you staying on Steem?



#BeautifulSunday blog

Belgium has experienced its driest (and also hottest) summer so far this year since decades. Yesterday I went to the centre for a walk. It’s been so warm the past weeks, yet not comparable to the scorching humid summer days in China. 

I started my day with a chill matcha frappucchino, interesting thing is that you often have to ask for it in Europe, as it’s not always written in the menu, but yea, if they have matcha powder left, you’ll make it for you. Flexible, I like it.

In July it started the sales season in Belgium, so a lot of shops are open on Sunday this week. Normally I buy my clothes online so it’s not that important for me. Do feel a bit bad for those sales staff who have to work on Sunday, or maybe they like the job and don mind 🙂

Want to know a nice homey restaurant to eat in Brussels centre among all those touristic trap? I recommend you to La Fleur En Papier Dore. Nice atmosphere with some traditional cuisine and hundreds of Belgium beers too.

No picture for the food because I slept in and arrived there just too late for the lunch time (until 14:30)…

All Belgium elements on this wall, smurf, frites, etc.

Nice cafe Poechenellekelder, just next to the peeing boy statue: MannekenPis.

As I mentioned yesterday, they set up 3 big camera’s on Grand Place square this year. You can get a free pano photo/video here. All you need to do is to smile at the camera.

Can you spot the camera?

Here’s how the pano selfie video looks like. Interested in it? I made a [DLive](https://dlive.io/video/joythewanderer/1680f650-7d56-11e8-bbe8-435b8d3c86e8) video too.


其实我去中心本来是想去一个叫做La Fleur En Papier Dore的餐厅吃饭,这个餐厅气氛很好,有一些比利时传统菜和啤酒,跟很多旅游城市一样,布鲁塞尔中心遍布一些坑爹的餐厅,要找到一家正常的真不容易。这家离中心广场和撒尿小童都很近,但是又很安静,非常推荐,不过我去的时候太晚了(周日睡太久),厨房都关门了,所以没有实物照片。



Blogging with a beautiful peacock. Joy’s office for today.

The weather’s been nice for the whole week already! Only in the summer it’s like this in Belgium. So I have to get out of the house, take a walk in town. The current crypto crash made me sad… maybe the sunshine can easily heal. 

Anyways, it’s more of a student city where I live, which is good and bad. Good is there are many cafes and bars; bad is everywhere is crowded. Now they are finishing schools and go home, so it feels more like a normal city, you know what I mean.

Groot verlof = summer holidays 

I’ll get this ice cream later when I pass it again. The patisserie behind sells great chocolate cakes. 

Arriving in the cafe I’m going to stay for a couple of hours now. All my friends are either in their office or busy doing something somewhere. But it’s fine, I can handle being alone, sometimes I prefer to be alone, more efficient and … you can eavesdrop what people around are talking about. Nowadays they seem happy, talking about whether they will go to the sea or the Ardennes for their holidays. 

My office for this afternoon.

Another good think about this cafe is that they have two beautiful peacocks. Sometimes they are sleeping on the trees but today one is quite active, she’s sitting just behind me. Having fun blogging with peacocks!

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