Back in Europe, starting a healthy lifestyle in 2019.

Finally back in Belgium. I put on 1.2 kg in West Africa… what?? I don’t understand it, maybe eating too many plantain chips and grilled chickens. I have to lose some weight by eating more healthy. Salad for a month now.

Born and raised in China, where you cook all the vegetables, even after 7 years living in Europe, I still can’t eat raw veg every day. What can I do then? Find a tasty salad dressing, this Wasabi&Ginger dressing is pretty good. I like it much more than the mayonnaise based ones.

Tomato, avocado, sweet potato and boiled chicken filet. Plus some lettuce and rucola.

Healthy I hope ^^

But, I felt so guilty again after a cup of glühwein. Since I missed xmas, I guess I’m allowed to have one.