Beautiful details of Jain Temples in Jaisalmer

Jain temple in Jaisalmer is the most impressive site from my recent Indian trip. There are 7 different temples inside Jaisalmer Fort, the temples date back to the 12th and 15th centuries。

Jainism is an ancient religion in India. Back in days, the wealthy Jain traders and merchants made a deal with King Jaisal to protect their temples from invasion. The Jains agreed to finance the king’s fort, they got to keep their temples inside the fort.

I didn’t know much about the stories between King Jaisal, his new capital Jaisalmer, and the invasion of Mughal, etc, all learnt in Jaisalmer, interesting stories. The temples are very different from the Hindu temples I’ve visited in India. Stone carvings are overwhelming in details.

Here are some detailed pictures:

Here I’ve made a vlog in the temple too.