Capsule hotel at Incheon Airport

I’m not a person who would do airport hotel unlessI have really early flight in cities, such as Seoul, where taxis are expensive.

Had an early flight from Incheon Airport that day, so decided to get a few hour sleep, which turned out to be a good decision, because Incheon Airport seems pretty cold to overnight at airport bench/ground or whatever.

Entrance, which could have made a bit more obvious actually, took a while to find the reception lol.

I started my trip with a small bag and end up with an extra suitcase because Asia is too good for shopping ^^


Common space

Bathroom is shared, you find get a room with provate one as well, but shared option is cheaper ^^ there weren’t many people staying there anyway, so I didn’t have to wait for bathroom etc.

Room is small but comfy, recommended!