Trekking in Tuni Condoriri, the Cordillera Real of Bolivia

Bolivia is an untouched natural paradise. The alpine scenery, the jungle, the salt flats, etc. Bolivia's stunning nature and unique folklore culture make it one of the most visited country among backpackers. Major cities are generally crammed full of backpackers who come for a cheaper stay than elsewhere in South America.

I loved Bolivia, it's probably among my favorite countries so far. Yet whether it's a easy to travel around or not is debatable from an independent traveler's perspective. There are many reasonable trekking opportunities. When I checked the trekking spots around La Paz, I've found loads of them and also found many day or 2-day tours to go there.

Not a big fan of any tour, Bolivian 'tour mentality' annoyed me a bit, from Uyuni Salt Flats to the Alpine lakes in the South. Tours, tours, tours.

I didn't find much information regarding how to get there by yourself so today I'd like to share with you dear Steemit friends my trekking experience in the Cordillera Real of Bolivia.