Chinagirl in Bangkok Chinatown


Greetings from Bangkok Chinatown!

Have you ever visited Bangkok Chinatown? It was awesome!

I’ve been to Bangkok a few times and always went passing Chinatown in my tuktuk, but never visited it properly.

Today there’s not much for Steemfest except for the closing dinner, so me and Simon @bitrocker2020 decided to take a walk in Chinatown, it’s not so far from te Prince Palace hotel.

The area is huge.

We took a tuktuk, I’m a huge fan of tuktuk as you might already knew…

Bangkok Chinatown is so cool, you find all kinds of interesting stuff.

Some of those I’ve never seen in my life lol, like what’s this fish shaped thing?

Some popular snacks



Suddenly Simon was lured inside a oriental traditional beauty little shop in between alleys. He wants to be beautiful!

Simon tried facial treading, it seems popular in Bangkok Chinatown. Facial threading is a super old tradition, it is believed that it gives your face a smooth finish for up to six weeks, sounds better than qny mahical Korean sheet masks?

I’ve seen it a lot in Taiwan too earlier this year but never tried it myself. So it was quite interesting for me to watch what they did to Simon.