FEST REPORT | Bangkok Steemfest 4 Conference Day 2 | tuktuk speeches dinner party afterparty


Greetings from Bangkok.

So I ran a bit late again, but I really wanted to see roadscape’s presentation on hivemind, so I decoded to take a tuktuk to Day2 venue Central Postal Office (something like this), my tuktuk went sooooooo fast and surpassed @slobberchops and his pal.

Tuktuk for life

Conference Day 2 venue

Still I didn’t make it to the hivemind speech, will follow it from live video later. Grabbed some coffee with @jeffjagoe

Stay tuned for the cryptobrewmaster game, we tried their ice cream beer, it was great and hop-py!


Tokyo Steemians and @gtg

with Korean SCT community!

@jack8831’s fun presentation

Witness talk session

Rooftop of the building has a great city view.

Vlogger and non vlogger steemians

Dinner venue is a super chill and laid back riverside restaurant

Cute tapas

Gif fun with @steemrollin

The whole group went to the iconic Khaosan Rd with tuktuk!

Then @bitrocker2020 @joannewong and @elizacheng went afterparty in Glow club in Sukhumvik.

It was fun!