Do you also like trains?

One of the travel clichés you hear a lot is: it is the journey and not the destination that matters. Certainly an overused phrase when it comes to travelling. Yet totally true. These days when I’m travelling, I really enjoy being on the way, rather than seeing a certain site or city. That’s why I love trains so much, especially the slow trains that takes ages to get to somewhere.

Almost all the countries I’ve been to, if there exists train, I’ll take the train. Kinda obsessive? Maybe. Or maybe that’s simply the best way to travel around! It’s somewhat difficult to find all the old train photos throughout my travel years, but I managed to find some to share.

train in Kyushu, Japan, and the man selling lunchboxes

train in China, not the fast train

overnight train in Kazakhstan, not bad at all!

the Belgian train that I used to take every day to the French class

Scenic Swiss train

cute Taiwan train station and train

overnight train in Thailand

train to Saigon

Indian trains are still the best! I miss it so much!!

Trip 2017 feb 274.JPG

Took the Georgian train in the winter, so scenic.