Don’t get insta wrecked…


I’m not really totally against posting “instagrammable” pictures.  It’s nice when your travel pictures look nice, for yourself and for your friends to see. It can be useful sometimes too. Before I travel somewhere, I sometimes browse the place in inatagram map search, and try to find some nice spots to go. If I really like the picture, I might even ask the OP where exactly is it taken. 

Recently few years I become less obsessive about getting the instagrammable photos, but still I browse the location on instagram to find interesting spots everywhere I go and decide for myself which ones are worth going. The more I travel, the more I can tell from a picture whether it’s insta wrecked, nowadays I won’t pay some overpriced coffee just in order to pose for photos inside that beautiful cafe, for example.

I no longer believe in “50 most instagrammable places in the world”, or “100 most beautiful places you must visit before you die” kind of inspirational travel blogs. As a travel enthusiast, I enjoy those travel sites that are practical, grounded in reality, such as travelindependent much more. Oh and I still check atlas obscura for some hidden gems, although I believe the more popular the site becomes, the less those remain hidden gems. But still quite a few hidden gems when I last checked the site a few weeks ago.


I actually only want to share some interesting travel sites to you in this post. Hope you like them.