I just realised that I’ve never shared photos taken in Dusseldorf on my last trip there.

It’s a city I kinda like, not the way I like Paris or Berlin, but I kinda like it. I can’t explain why, maybe because it’s slightly bigger than the city I currently live, making it more interesting to discover. I used to like it because there are quite a few Japanese ramen restaurants, but nowadays there have opened more and more ramen place in Belgium too, so I don’t find a reason to visit Dusseldorf any more.

Anyways, here are some photos I took on my last trip.



? this wall

Cloudy riverside

K20 K21 are great modern art museums, I was trying to visit a cool exhibition but unfortunately it was closed because of the public museum opendoor day, so only part of the museums are open, but it was all free.

So I went to see Ai Weiwei exhibition, because it was free.

The café inside the museum is so beautiful, don’t you think so?