[Trip Report] Snow Wonderland – Georgia. 格鲁吉亚 – 此地景美人温情 (Part 3)

This is part 3 of my Georgia trip report, feel free to check out my first parts of the trip:

[Trip Report] Snow Wonderland – Georgia. 格鲁吉亚 – 此地景美人温情 (Part 1)

[Trip Report] Snow Wonderland – Georgia. 格鲁吉亚 – 此地景美人温情 (Part 2)

Itinerary: Kutaisi -(train)- Tbilisi – Kazbegi/Stepantsminda – Tbilisi 

On my way back to Tbilisi, instead of waiting for marshrutka to get full, I got a ride from Duncan, who I met during the trekking to the Gergeti Trinity church. It’s always nice to meet some interesting people on the way. The ride was fun even I always saw pretty much everything on the way coming here, we made some stopovers to take pictures.


After saying goodbye to Duncan in Tbilisi, I got a few days to discover this busy capital. After taking a walk around the old town, I was already fascinated by its architecture style. Tbilisi is rich with its unique buildings, old apartments and distinctive architecture. I absolutely love these colorful iconic Tbilisi balconies.


This street lamp post is cool, seems like it need reparation. I hope it’s still working at night.


This kind of instant coffee can be found everywhere in Georgian street, which is super handy especially during a cold winter day. Yes, it’s instant but also super cheap, it costs around 0.20$. You can sometimes find Turkish coffee too.


Another intereting thing was this ATM+ machine you see everywhere in Georgian cities. You can get money from the bank, but apparently you can also get a bus ticket, taxi, send parcels, and even place bets here. It looks like an huge standing Alipay app machine. I hope one day we can transfer steem/bitcoin with this machine. Georgia, you are really doing good!


Beautiful views of Tbilisi.


Kartlis Deda statue is the symbol of Tbilisi and Georgia. In her left hand she holds a bowl of wine to greet those who come as friends, and in her right hand is a sword for those who come as enemies.


Leaning Tower of Tbilisi, one of the city’s most unusual buildings.


I did a walking tour too. The tour guide is super nice boy. He told me many interesting stories in Tbilisi. For example this Statue of Tamada on Sioni’s street. The statue is a copy of ancient gold statue of national symbol of georgian wine culture – Tamada. The reason the boy is holding a horn to drink is that you have to drink everything in the glass at once, this way you can’t put it down if it’s not finished.

我在第比利斯参加了个在很多城市都有的自发的Walking tTour. 讲解的男孩人很好,给我讲了很多有意思的故事,比如这个拿着羊角杯喝酒的雕像后面其实隐含着格鲁吉亚这个喝酒的传统。格鲁吉亚人喜欢聚朋友喝酒,通常一个人领酒,这个带领喝酒的人就是这个雕像的形象,用羊角杯的原因是必须一饮而尽,用羊角就不能把杯子暂时放在桌子上不喝完了。

Nature in the middle of Tbilisi city.

Tbilisi old town has so many sulfur bath places. In this area, all houses with round domes, are a sulfur bath place. You can choose do a bath for an hour or two. In Tbilisi old town you will smell the sulfur, so I think it’s difficult to miss them. This was also my favorite part of traveling in Tbilisi, after a long day, you can soak in the sulfur bath to get relaxed.


The guide recommended me the restaurant behind “I love Tbilisi” sign. It was quite good. Let’s take a rest and enjoy Georgian typical Khinkali.

我被推荐去了这家 “我爱第比利斯” 后面的餐厅,这家餐厅很不错,有特种格鲁吉亚传统菜,做的很好吃。我连去了几天。让我们休息一下,吃一点格鲁吉亚特色饺子吧。

End of the trip report. I will write a Georgian food guide soon.