Enjoying the last warm days with Atomium and music

Summer came back this weekend! There was an openair party going on at Brussels’ famous landmark Atomium yesterday. No reason not to enjoy the last warm days here!

I’ve once been inside Atomium, when I first arrived in Belgium, the tiny tubes are lift connecting each ball (viwing point), the top one is a café, if you haven’t change it.

Not much of the view from Atomium, not a perfect place to get a view of the city since it’s too far from the center. The area around is not bad though, covered with nice parks.

Yesterday there was an open air music event. If you’ve followed my blog, you probably noticed we have a lot of such free music events in a lot of parks and squares in Brussels. I truly love them.

The reason I like to drink during the day is that you have the whole evening to recover, won’t get a hangover the next day when you wake up.