Ethnic village Du Gia in Vietnam’s remote North

I came across this village during my motorbike loop in the remote North of Vietnam, quite close to the border with China in fact. If you rent a motorbike in Ha Giang, you will arrive in the village Du Gia on the 3rd day of your loop.

Ha Giang region was probably my favorite part of my Vietnam trip, except for I had food poisoning there during the whole trip. It was so nice when kids along the way were running to you, waving just want to say hello.

I always like the folklore culture of each country, that’s why countries that keep their traditional ethnic culture well, like Bolivia, Romania (Transylvania), Kyrgyzstan, are among my favorites. Vietnam of course also becomes my new favorite.

I was lucky to see the local market when I was in Du Gia, so I captured some pictures shortly that morning before departure.


traditional house


I was actually feeling really really sick that day. Yet a selfie was above everything I guess.

sugar cane


One of the smaller villages I saw on the way. I can share more photos from the trip. Stay tuned ^^