Finally I can animate still photos as well!

Lately I saw so many animated photos, they look so cool with water and sky moving.

Today I downloaded the app and finally tested it out. The above picture is how the result looks like.

How I did it? Tutorial here!

I’m using Pixaloop, the free version seems enough. I’m sure you can find many different apps.

The shape of the waterfall is kinda complicated, so it takes time to make it animated, let’s start with simpler photos!

Original photo ^

Put some anchor around the area you don’t want it to move. And add path to the area you want it to move!


I made some more pictures below, I was a bit bored I guess.

And with the waterfall I added so many anchors and paths.

Yes that’s how bored I was lol!

So if you are also interested to create motion stills, try it out!

Have fun.