Georgian Toastmaster – Tamada

In Tbilisi, there’s a famous statue of a guy holding a horn.

It’s the Georgian toastmaster. Georigians can drink a lot, I still remember how they drink in those traditional Khinkali restaurant, order a couple of Khinkali, with chacha, a traditional drink.

The toastmaster Tamada “controls” over table, guests are not allowed to leave the table with his permission. Normally it’s also someone who can particularly drink a lot, makes sense. That’s why he’s holding the horn, so you can never put the glass down, but have to drink it all.

Even though I don’t drink much, I was pleased and touched by the Georgian hospitality. Because of this, Georgia has actually even been among my favorite 3 countries so far. Love Georgian food too, especially those Khinkali filled with potatoes. On the way from Tbilisi to the Caucasius mountain, I remember seeing some ski resort, I usually never go skiing because you have to find the right friends to nit to get bored in the evening, there’s not much to do. But maybe one day I’ll go for a ski vacation in Georgia, should be better than Europe, hehe.

Sceenery along the way to the mountain.