Good Nail Day

I love travelling in Vietnam, partly because of the nail salons ^^

In Belgium nail salons are so expensive, I normally never do my nails. Sometimes I miss the time my nails always looked nice. So when travelling in this part of the world, I take advantage to do my nails.

Near where I’m staying, there’s this cute nail shop.

Phu Quoc is not the most picturesque island but it certainly has some tropical vibes. With the bright colors and all the tropical fruit you can find everywhere.

❤️ dragon fruit!

Now do you like my new nails? Aren’t them tropical? I paid 300k dong for gel nails and drawing. It’s less than €12.

Actually my tropical holidays are almost over, it’s my last day here in Phu Quoc, I’m leaving for HCMC then the North, soon no more tropical weather. I heard in Da Nang and Hanoi it’s only 20 degrees (or less).

enjoying sunshine and pool one more day.