Hello Da Nang!

Greetings from Da Nang!

After travelling more than a month in the tropic, finally I can wear my long sleeves and a light sweater.

If you look up the map, Da Nang is right in the middle between Hanoi and HCMC, which makes it popular among all travellers both within and outside Vietnam. In fact I hear so much Korean language here. Shops sell Korean snacks, restaurants all have Korean menus and 80% tourists I saw seem Korean.

How’s Da Nang like?

Near My Khe beach, there’re many hotel buildings and resorts, almost all buildings here are hotels from all ranges. Due to the high competition, hotels here are great value.

Waves waves…

It’s around 22 degrees Celsius, not suitable for sunbathing or swimming.

But it’s so nice to walk along the beach in such weather. Right now it’s relatively low season, you can enjoy the quiet beach. I find it pleasant. It’s not cold at all (it’s freezing in Belgium!)

Not much sun either, but I’ve had enough sunshine already.

Stay tuned for more Da Nang travels!