Hello HCMC (pink church, riverside walk)

This year in April I went for the first time in Vietnam and visited Ho Chi Minh city, didn’t like the city that much, mainly due to the traffic and overcrowdedness.

The reason I came back this time is that there’s no direct flight from Bangkok to Phu Guoc island the day I was flying, so had to come for a short stay.

This time I’m staying in an area I didn’t come last time, my previous visit to HCMC was short, plus I’m a rather inefficient tourist, so I haven’t really seen much.

As usual, my morning started with coffee hunting, Cong café seems popular in HCMC, you see it everywhere, I’m not a super huge fan of its communist themed decorations with propaganda posters and stuff (looking a bit pretentious), but they have good coffee and fruit tea, and their locations are great mostly, had a great view of the pink church.

Found a tasty Vietnamese dessert soup shop near the riverside. This is something I seeiously missed.

It’s basically fruits and cheese pudding iced water, sounds strange for dessert but it’s really good.

Street cafés, this is soooooo Vietnam.

I was happy to find a proper footpath along the river, so finally I can take a relaxed walk without worrying about the traffic.

I mentioned how scared I was to cross the street, how scared was I exactly? I haven’t got the anti mosquito spray from the FamilyMart 400 meters away because I have to cross two main streets, which I don’t think I can do it…

But even river footpath breaks when there’s a bridge, so you’ll still have to cross the street sometimes to get tothe next footpath.

Off to Can Tho soon, stay tuned for more Mekong Delta and Phu Guoc updates ^^

HCMC see you in 10 days.