Herbal Bath in Dao’s Massage, Hanoi


One good thing about travelling in this part of the world is that you find good massage and wellness center super easy. Vietnam is maybe not even the best place for massage, I mean Thai massage is probably more popular but still you can easily some good place to relax for half day. Something probably you need to try very hard to find a good one in Europe and end up paying much more, not even as good.

I’m currently exhausted from my trip to the North, but I made it and bow back in Hanoi, ready to explore the beautiful beaches in the South.

Don’t know what to expect, the last time I was at any beach in SE Asia was maybe 5-6 years ago, long time. It’s a pity I won’t try much street food these days because of my weak stomach, which annoys me because I love to try new food and I come to SE Asia to eat lol.