Can we make Steem easier for new comers and investors?

Hello, let’s talk about Steem onboarding.

Steem is difficult to use, we all know that.

Yes, we have such a rich ecosystem, awesome communities (well, they say so, not me). So let’s agree with this first.

Then, how can new users know this? Maybe I was dumb but it took me quite a whime to understand how it worked and that was back in the year of 2017. Back then we don’t have ads on yet, of course we don’t have such a rich ecosystem, still it took me a while to figure it out.

Now any difference?

Imagine a new comer first comes to Steem, how can this person knows where to find the right communities, the right frontend to use, where to find the mobile app?

Steem dapps are awesome but how many active users do we have? That probably means something. How can we reach these dapps to new users?

All these projects in today’s ecosystem are trying to onboard new users, however, how many new users have they onboarded? Don’t get me wrong, I know they are all trying hard (hopefully).

How about Steem Engine? Everyone is saying how awesome it is. But for me it’s already difficult to digest all new coins coming every day. And I consider myself an active Steemian, but I’m not so encouraged to check all the steem clones, let alone some less active Steemians.

Yes we have discord groups to discuss but is that not too difficult for new comers? We also have FAQ made on but that doesn’t really explain a lot of going ons outside

For number of active users, you can check here at:

And are we expecting more new investors after HF21 due to the incresing curation rewards?

I hope so, but again, how can new investors know about it? We are talking about new steem on steem, but without new investors, problems still won’t be solved.

How can we make everything easier? doesn’t look like a proper front end website to be honest, not only the trending page is broken, also it just doesn’t look so good, I can’t even view some of my comments due to the ad bars (I understand steemit inc need ads as income but i’m telling the truth). How can we attract new users/investors with such?

But how?

I’m so confused.