I went to visit Fine Arts Museum in HCMC

The other day, a friend of mine sent me an interesting link about The fine art museum in HCMC, including its past stories, and how it turned to a museum today. I’m not really that of a museum person, but it’s so warm outside, so I decided to take a look. (turned out a large part of the museum doesn’t have AC either).

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It’s certainly a nice building, has some nice colored glassed windows, tiles, and a tennis court in its inner yard.

One of many nice statues in the buidling.

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Most of the art works in the exhibitions are modern art during the war period.


Sometimes it feels a bit heavy and sad.

Some more art works I liked.

View from the top floor of the building. Museum is located in district 1, not the nicest and cleanest area, you see gabbage everywhere outside the building. But still the museum is nice, worth a visit.