Ice Cream

Ice cream shop in town finally opened today. I don’t quite understand but every winter they close the shop for half the year.

I’m sure there are many people like me, who actually enjoy ice cream in winter days even more than in the summer. Ice creams taste good and don’t melt easily in the winter.

But still I guess most people here don’t eat much ice cream in the winter so they close the shop. Sometimes I would kill for some fresh ice cream or sorbet on a winter night but can find them nowhere, a bit sad I would say.

Luckily now they opened the shop, right before I leave for Asia. There’s no matcha flavor of course, people here don’t seem to like it. Of all their ice creams, I like mint chocolate and chocolate sorbet the most, because they are mess creamy and not too sweet. But it seems that these two aren’t locals’ favorite, so a lot of time they don’t make them. I sometimes ask them via messenger, and they let me know once they have them, nice people right?

Anyway, I like ice creams and tried all the ice creams in different countries, my fav is still matcha in Japan and saffron one in Iran. Sometimes it can be enough reason I go back to a country!

I think in SE Asia I’ll eat a lot of durian ice cream!!!!

Which flavor to choose?

White chocolate + speculaas

Too creamy, I always forget I’m lactose intolerant when eating ice creams, only to find out after finishing it, lol.