Incredible India through my eyes

That love it / hate it thing is what everyone talks about when it comes to travelling in India. For me it’s a bit more complicated. 3 years ago when I first visited the subcontinent, I loved it completely, no matter how crazy the traffic and everything was, and how dirty Varanasi was during monsoon season. With that high expectation, plus everyone has told winter is a great time to visit, I felt a bit disappointed and started to understand how some can hate travelling in India.

I’ve shared a lot of photos, India is certainly beautiful and Rajasthan is a place to admire Hindu and Mughal architectures. I love how colorful it is, I love the food too, although I haven’t ordered any Indian food ever since coming back in Belgium (normally I eat more Indian than other food in Belgium lol).

Besides all the colorful photos, I’d also like to share some random real life captures on the street. Indian streets are always super busy, there’s so much going on, you have to make sure you don’t run into the cars, not to step in any cow poops, etc, sometimes even forget to look around to see how much going on just before your eyes.

Chai vendor. I’ve tried these seemingly dirty street chai, luckily didn’t get sick from those, I think I got sick from one of those street juice vendors once.
Indian Tantoori chicken is my fave ^^
some street snack that I didn’t try
Jaipur station
3rd class sleeper train, isn’t that bad if it’s cleaner. I remember the trains were much cleaner last time when I travelled in Kerala than those in the North.
market street in Pushkar
Kids in Jodhpur, next time I’ll remember to bring some pens with me, as they all asked for school pens.
souvenir vendors inside Amber Fort
taken in Jaisalmer Fort
tuktuk is common in India, these days you can even order one via uber, much easier.
local market
street in Amritsar
shops in Jaipur
flowery chickenbus
Rickshaws are also common, but I didn’t taken them, I felt I’m too heavy and would feel back when seeing an old men has to carry me, but maybe they don’t mind, I don’t know.