It seems crypto summer is about to start. Are you ready?

If you are a crypto bagholder, last week must have been really great for you. Seems like we are finally getting out of the bear. I hope you all have accumulated enough of your favorite coins.

Will Steem benefit from the bull (if there is any)? I guess so, because crypto market is not rational, when everything goes up, most probably Steem price will chase the bull, despite how dysfunctional our current system seems.

But of course what do I know? If I knew, I could be richer haha.

Summer is here for sure, heat wave is coming to Belgium, scary! I don’t have airco at home, hope I can survive.

Besides crypto, what’s your plan for the summer? Holidays? I think if there’s really a bull coming, I will control myself not to spent much money, to travel. Better hold as long as bull is here I guess.

(Photos taken in Taiwan)