Japanese Tearoom ? Kissaten in Hitoyoshi Kyushu

During my trip in Hitoyoshi, I found a traditional Kissaten (Japanese tearoom). It is situated in a lovely house with a beautiful courtyard where many plants can be found. I spent a few hours there without even noticing. Nothing could be better than grabbing some green tea while enjoying the calmness and the garden view. It was a rainy and cold day, Hitoyoshi is such a small place that almost everything can be easily visited within a couple hours. There are some nice tea houses in town, perfect to kill a few hours.

It was a wonderful house with a spacious living room and some tables next to the Japanese style shōji. There is also some open space outside, where you can enjoy your afternoon tea in the summer time.

I ordered a menu that includes a piece of yōkan (a traditional Japanese red bean flavored dessert), a one-person pot of green tea, plus a bowl of matcha. Here I won’t go deep into the difference of matcha and green tea in this post, as I’m more of a tea drinker and don’t want to pretend to be a tea expert :p. I love both of them especially the rich and buttery flavor of matcha.


It is not only the tea house, but also a shop of tea pots and other kinds of decorations and tea ceremony utensils, including the Kyushu famous Arita ware. Unfortunately my suitcase was already too full by then, otherwise I would love to buy some of those tea pots.