Jazz night at L’Archiduc Brussels

Hey everyone. Happy Monday!

Today I’d like to recommend a nice bar called L’Archiduc in Brussels. The center of Brussels is extremely touristic nowadays, spotting a normal local café among all the touristic traps becomes difficult. Luckily Brussels is small and compact, just a few blocks away the Grand Place, you can already find some nice bars to hang out.

L’Archiduc often has live bands playing there and the atmosphere is always great. I highly recommend to check it out, if you ever Brussels. It’s very center located.

Jazz night

The Jazz Club was opened in 1937 and is decorated in the vintage art deco style.

Address: Rue Antoine Dansaert 6,1000 Bruxelles





地址:Rue Antoine Dansaert 6,1000 Bruxelles