Joy cooked Dak-bokkeumtang yesterday

I don’t cook often, too lazy, would rather eat sandwich nowadays lol and, cooking is more fun when you cook less 🙂

I made Dak-bokkeumtang (Korean spicy chicken) yesterday, following Maangchi recipe. Do you know Maangchi? I think she is super famous, she is literally my hero. I learned cooking a lot of Korean dishes from her!

Dak-bokkeumtang isn’t so difficult to cook, you need 1/4 cup soja sauce, 1/4 cup Korean spicy paste, 1/4 cup red pepper flakes, some garlic plus a table spoon of sugar.

Mix the sauce with water and boil it with chicken and onions. After cooking for some time, add some potato’s and boil again.

You can find the recipe in Maangchi’s website too. Easy to make, spicy and good 🙂

What did you cook?