Kumamon’s Office in Kumamoto (● ̄(エ) ̄●)

You don’t know Kumamon? It is a character created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture. It was created in 2010. Just within less than 8 years, Kumamon becomes a well-known character throughout the world. It has been considered as the symbol of Kumamoto Prefecture. In the city of Kumamoto there is even a Kumamon Square where a Kumamon office can be found. It is a must-go place when in Kumamoto, no matter you are a fan of this cute character or not.

Kumamon is very popular in Kyushu, everywhere I go, I saw Kumamon.
For example:

Kumamon is even shown in the Kurokawa onsen pass, an onsen pass for the famous Kurokawa Onsen village, not far from Kumamoto.

Kumamoto city bus

The shopping street of Kumamoto.

I’m not really a big fan myself and didn’t know much about Kumamon before I visited Kyushu, but I think it’s so cute that you can see him everywhere in the street. I heard that Kumamon actually has an office in the city, but he only works for a few hours per week. Right now during the new year, Kumamon is taking a break, so the chance is even slimmer that you meet him in the office. I couldn’t meet him in “person” but was lucky to visit his office that was open at normal office hour. If you ever come, don’t forget to check Kumamon’s working hours.

At the entrance of Kumamon’s office.

Take a peek inside the office.

Japan is a country super good at the package design and product marketing. They can somehow make everything they want to promote so creative and great.

In Europe, people don’t seem to care much about the package for snacks, but in Japan you can find all the interesting designs and limited versions of everything. Inside Kumamon office, there are dozens of souvenirs and local specialties packed in Kumamon’s shape or decorated with Kumamon logos. Even for someone like me, who considers herself as a quite rational consumer, would like to spend some money here. XD

Many visitors are looking forward to see Kumamon, but he was not working that day.

Still, you will have a chance to sit in front of his office desk and leave him a message.

If Kumamon is at the office, you can come take a selfie with him at the stage.

Even though he wasn’t there the day I went there, still you can have some fun 😀