Lost in Fes, an ancient Labyrinth town in Morocco

Arab architecture has always fascinated me, with its unique geometric and interlace patterned ornaments. I always dreamed to visit those a far away Arab world. There are many good flight connections from Belgium to Morocco, so I started my Arab adventure in Morocco and hopefully I can visit more Arab countries in the future. Morocco is quite developed in the tourism industry. I was joking with friends that every riad (a garden that is applied to town houses built round a central courtyard) becomes a guesthouse in the medina (old town) of the major Moroccan cities and everyone is doing something associated with tourism. Today I’m going to show my dear Steemit friends to Fes city.

今天跟我来看看摩洛哥著名的古城,非斯。 我一直觉得阿拉伯的建筑非常神秘和精美,那些马赛克瓷砖和对称的图案都很吸引人。所以我想去阿拉伯国家好好看看。 比利时有很多摩洛哥的移民,从这里飞去摩洛哥方便有便宜,于是我把摩洛哥作为我初探阿拉伯国家的第一站,希望未来有更多机会探索这个陌生的文化。摩洛哥作为第一站其实很理想,这个北非国家的旅游业发展的不错,每年有很多游客来摩洛哥。我跟朋友们开玩笑说,摩洛哥很多古城里面的老房子都变成了民宿。比如非斯,大部分年轻人都从事旅游业。加上这里很多年轻人都会说法语,交流并没有障碍。

I traveled in Morocco by train. The train connection in Morocco is great, the Moroccans are friendly people, you can share snacks and talk with them, many speak French well.


The gate is indigo blue in one side and green in the other side. It is called Bab Boujloud and It is grand and intricate. Bab Boujloud is connected with high city walls of Fes old city. Many true treasures of Fes lie inside the walls. There are many restaurants and vendors around the gate. The guy in the picture told me he’s an “official guide” of the city. There were so many of those official guides in Fes… I went without a guide.


Fes is a labyrinth city and you can get lost easily but sometimes it’s also nice to get lost.


The Moroccan breakfast in a Riad.


Shot in the riad.


Wandering around in Fes Medina, I found many souvenir shops and restaurants where vendors tried to get more tourists to their shops. But also I spotted some small local handicraft shops and a tiny local tea house, quite different than those coffee places on the main street in Fes. In Morocco, mint tea is extremely popular. I normally don’t drink my tea with sugar but I found Moroccan mint tea tastes much better with a lot of sugar.


Thanks for reading.