Pink Baltic city – Vilnius

Today I bring you to a lovely pink city – Vilnius. Many churches and buildings were painted in a pale peachy pink tone. I love Vilnius for 4 reasons.

  1. Its beautiful collection of pink churches.
  2. The unique bohemian and art district Užupis
  3. Food and bakeries
  4. The green space in the city


Užupis means “the other side of the river” in the Lithuanian. If you know Montmartre in Paris, Christiania in Copenhagen, or even Trastevere in Rome, you know what you can expect from Užupis. It’s my favorite area in Vilnius, as it has a Bohemia atmosphere. The residents of the area declares it “Republic of Užupis”.

The area got its own flag, a hand with a hole in the middle, also its own constitution, which includes some funny articles, such as “People have the right to be unhappy.” and “People have the right to have no rights.”, etc. The most funny thing is that Užupis celebrate its independence day on April 1st. I love the 3 mottos of Republic of Užupis: “Don’t Fight”, “Don’t Win”, “Don’t Surrender”.


奥苏比斯很神奇,奥苏比斯共和国可不是口头上说说而已,他真的有自己的国旗木九十下图中这个手掌中间有个圈的标志。我喜欢这个共和国的三个口号“不要打架”“不要赢” 也 “不要投降”。多么豁达啊!我在墙上发现了他们的宪法,上面有一些很无厘头的条例,比如一条说“人们有权利开心”,另一条说“人们有权利不开心”, 还有“人们有权利不要权利”,是不是很哲学?共和国的前总统就是一个诗人。对了,他们的独立日选在每年的愚人节。

Constitution of Republic of Užupis.


Do you notice the little angel statue? It’s the Angel of Užupis. It can be found in Užupis.


Next, let’s go take a look at the city’s beautiful pink churches.


St. Anne’s Church is a Roman Catholic church, it has a typical style of brick Gothic church.


Saint Catherine’s Church, this church is now often used for concerts and events.


I liked Lithuanian food. Like in many other Eastern European countries, Lithuania has many soup, which are served together with the famous sour cream. In Vilnius cities, I also found some little bohemian cafe’s.


I love this little cafe’s, it’s like a little fairytale cafe, the waitress girl looks like fairytale character too.


Vilnius is a super green city, you can find green area everywhere, in the city center or outside the center. From most green area surrounding the city, you can get an amazing view of the city and the river that flows around the city. Many locals like to come to here with friends.


Thanks for reading, I hope you like Vilnius.