Market Friday!

Yo yo, it’s market Friday again? Exciting, because I always take so many pictures in all kinds of markets! Here are some more photos taken in the markets from my West Africa trip!

Above is the chicken market. I don’t know why I made such a face, wasn’t I supposed to be happy to see chickens? Chicken is very, very important in West Africa. Be prepared to eat chicken every day if you plan to travel there!

Ice cream, to be more specific, frozen yogurt, because it’s literally frozen yogurt.

Busy busy market street!

Fuel bottles for motorbikes.

So, tell me, how can I have hair like theirs?

I constantly heard people saying “Chinois, Chinois” when they saw me. (But shouldn’t it be Chinoise? lol)  I normally get pissed off when I heard “nihao”, “ching chong” or things like this in Europe, but oddly enough I was totally fine with it in Africa, don’t know why… Anyways, they wanted me to take a selfie together with them, so here it is! This happened a lot in places like Colombia, CI or Iran. Nice to visit those places where Chinese tourists are not everywhere yet!

Next time I think I need to start a Polaroid fundition project or something, so that I can give out photos directly to them! If they want of course… (Polaroid films are expensive!)

Do you dare to eat these? I didn’t, coward! Wait, is it really for eating though?

Sandwiches you get in the market, they use newspaper to wrap food in Africa, which is not bad, hygienic enough? At least I survived! One of those moments I’m glad that I have a strong stomach, trained by eating street food for years in China ^^ Oh and you can read while enjoying your food.