My visit to Jaipur City Palace

Jaipur city palace is the famous palace in the heart of the pink city, with those beautiful peacock gates. I think I’ve shared them briefly when I was travelling in Jaipur. I think I took much more photos so here I’m gonna share them with you. If you are interested about the palace, here is the wikipedia link, so you can study some more.

There are different tickets, the general ticket with access only to the court and museums and the one with access to the inner chambers. The price difference was quite huge, the expensive one costs ~40 euro, I figured it was a lot…for a palace. As a frugal backpacker, I, therefore, only went for the general ticket (~10 euro). The chambers are probably quite nice, I saw some photos, but still, am I gonna pay so much for a ticket just to have some nice Instagram shots and tell you how incredible India is? I’ve passed that phase already.

this building has turned a textile museum, which was a bit boring
Visited the palace at its busiest time because I’m a lazy tourist who never get up early
single-storeyd open hall Sarvato Bhadra
view from the courtyard
stupid picture with those guards, stupid because without tip they didn’t let me go… but it’s inside the palace and I’ve paid entrance…. (shrug)
elephant at the entrance
the inner courtyard was beautiful, soon I forgot about those guards…
Chandra Mahal is the oldest building, I need to improve my photography skills…
Last but not least, the peacock gates, I’ve already shared those but it won’t do harm to share again because I loved them so much.
gate 1
gate 2
gate 3
gate 4