Never so excited for a festival

I’m ultra excited, because of Pukkelpop this weekend. Festivals are my main summer activities in Belgium, really nothing special but I got sooooooooo excited I don’t know why.

Maybe because it is Pukkelpop that I normally don’t really go, or is it because I have two of my fav bands to see there, I’m thinking the whole about the possiblity I can sneak into the backstage to take a picture with them ^^ (be careful of groupies, Skegss).

BTW it’s actually BSF (Brussels Summer Festival) in town, also a great festival right in the center of Brussels.

Pictures below have nothing to do with the text above, as usual, just some random night out pictures, except I got a bit more excited, as you can see.

Have you ever tried mango beer? I loved it so much! It’s mango sour beer, not sweet.