New profile pic for new Steem!

I heard New Steem is coming, it’s about time to get a new profile pic for it.

Brighter color, fresh from my selfie farm!

Yesterday seeing Acid’s post about “Who’ve been your biggest supporters”, you can check it on steemfriends tool made by @magicmonk, I’m probably someone who’s benefited a lot from the linear rewards curve since HF19. It’s also ever since then that I started to pollute this chain with my mediocre travel posts (recently evolved to random selfie posts ^^).

Will you miss the old Steem? People like me probably will, because you just post random and get exactly the same amount of rewards, every single day, I choose some pictures add a few sentence of my broken English, done.

I can’t write well, I can’t edit videos well, but I think social media is for mediocre creators. If you like to share your life, thoughts, whatever, you just share them!

Easy like that but important is that you realise you are mediocre.

Tricky thing is that Steem rewards content, that’s the whole thing that makes it complicated, how you treat Steem, Steem Power, how you behave here is like how people treat money in real life.

They told me HF21 is gonna be different, I really hope so, Steem is at all time low at the moment, how mucb worse can we go?

People are talking about new Steem nowadays, apparently everyone is ready, I guess no choice, so I’m also ready then.

I don’t know when the hardfork is but I’m all ready.

Just wake me up on the other side!