Night out fun time

Do you like Belgium beers?

In Brussels center, there are so many cafés, drinking in Belgium is not too expensive (2-2.5€ for draft beer, you can’t beat this price, can’t you?), so many tourists love visiting Brussels and other Belgium cities. ^^

Sometimes smaller bars can get crowded, there was one bar called Bizon, with a Bizon head inside, you must know it if you’ve been to Brussels, such a lovely chill place. But it was too full so we didn’t go inside, no photos from there then.

Found a random café instead called timeout, not bad and I love their menu, so cute.

Everyone loves Delirium (the bear, the elephant and the bar). Normally ends the night there if not in Fuse.

And you have to take chance of the empty Grand Place at this hour. But find someone who can take better picture at low light condition!