Kimono rental at Open Heart in Nishitetsu-Futsukaichi near Dazaifu

I always regretted not trying out a kimono on my last visit in Japan, especially when seeing so many nice kimonos in Kyoto’s Hanamikoji Dori. Therefore this time I searched for a good kimono rental store before coming to Fukuoka and finally I can have the experience of wearing kimono in Japan. The kimono rental store is in Futsukaichi, three train stops (18 minites) from Hakata station in Fukuoka.

The reason I chose this one is that it’s close to Dazaifu region, so that I could wear it in Dazaifu and some scenic sites besides it. I didn’t know if the reservation was necessary but I made one just in case, turned out it is really important to make one.

There aren’t that many staff working there. It has been a super cold winter for Kyushu. Dazaifu region is among the mountains, so the temperature was even lower, around 4-5 degree Celsius. When I received the confirmation mail, they considerately reminded me to wear something warm underneath, in order not to feel too cold in kimono.

The rental shop is located in a shopping center, which you can easily recognise when you get out of the train station “Nishitetsu-Futsukaichi”, the shop is open from 10 am. I made the reservation at 10 am, the personal welcomed me with a card written my name.

Inside the shop, there are many different kimono sets to choose from, for rental or for a photo shot. The price varies from the kimono textures and types.


There are so many different kimono patterns and colors. It was difficult to choose one from them. I like the ones with multiple color and big flowers, so I chose this piece. After selecting the kimono you like, flowers clips and kimono bag can be chosen. Here below is my choice, what do you think of it?

 As for the hair style, I couldn’t do the hair set because I didn’t make a reservation a week in advance, which made me a bit disappointed at first as it looks always better to tie the hair when wearing kimonos. Luckily I found a simple hair tutorial on Youtube. It looks like this, better than nothing I guess.


Putting on a kimono was not easy at all. The lady who helped me putting on the kimono prepared a lot of belts. I think I had to put on a slip called the “juban” beneath the actual kimono. Then I need to put on some extra material about your waist and tie them really hard. I couldn’t remember how many layers she put my waist in total, haha.

But when it was done, the belt felt quite hard and heavy. It was really interesting to see how different to put a kimono on. You might think those ladies in kimono look elegant. I agree, when walking in komono, it was hard to walk in big steps, let alone running, lol. I felt more lady-like the moment I wear it.



我选的这家店在二日市,太宰府并不远,现在正值新年,刚好是穿着和服去庙里求签的好机会,所以可以穿好和服直接去太宰府和周边寺庙看看呢!这家店位于一个购物中心,从福冈坐火车到“西鉄二日市”站,出站就能看到。 在日本和欧洲有点像,很多东西都需要预约,我也不确定,但是预防万一,还是提前预约了时间,和服店10点开,我就约了10点,和服是5点以前还,这样可以玩一天。他们给我回信的时候,我真是庆幸预约了,店里人手并不是很多,大多数人都是提前约好的。

我后悔没有早一点预约呢,因为提前一周才可以做头发,现在约已经做不了头发了,而穿和服最好是把头发盘起来,于是我只能在Youtube上面找了个简易盘发教程,简单弄一下,总比没有要好啊。 九州这两天真是好冷,福冈都破天荒的飘起了鹅毛大雪,和服店的姐姐们很贴心的提醒我最好穿一件保暖的衣服在里面。到了店里,发现很多人来这里拍写真呢,和服租赁的价钱由和服的款式和材质决定,我选了小振袖,好多选择啊,而且都很好看,一时间选择综合症了!本来我都想好要红底大花的,结果发现一件黑底大花的,于是就选了它。

如果樱花季或者红叶季来,可能选小纹更适合吧,现在冬天还是选大花吧!选完了和服,被店里的姐姐带进去换装。我也算见识到了穿和服的复杂。首先要穿一层打底,然后帮两层腰带,然后穿和服,再绑两层腰带,最好腰封,再加3层腰带。这样下来,腰那一块变得硬邦邦的,很有意思。穿好了和服,可以选一个搭配的和服包,还有戴在头上的花朵,我又选花了眼。 穿上了和服,走路去太宰府,拍了两张照。果然一穿上和服,感觉人都变得淑女起来,我这样平时走路如风的,也好像瞬间温柔起来了 ^_^