Palau Güell – a low key masterpiece by Gaudí

Architect Antoni Gaudí was from Reus, Catalonia, a city not far from Barcelona. In Barcelona city, you can find so many great works by Gaudí: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Parc Guell, Casa Vincent, La Pedrera, etc.

Being a huge Art Nouveau architecture lover, every time I come to Barcelona, I try to visit one or two of them and would probably keep going back for Gaudí’s works. Today I’d like to show my dear Steemit friends Palau Güell, a low-key masterpiece of Gaudí. I personally loved its unique style and design, even more than other more famous works. Maybe not all Barcelona visitors are aware of it due to the low key promotion. It’s actually much cheaper than other Gaudi attractions, which makes it great value as the palace was huge and there’s so much to see.

You can easily spend 2-3 hours inside exploring this architectural wonder. Palau Güell was one of the first important work Antoni Gaudí made at the start of his career. Eusebi Güell, a Barcelona industrialist and politician wanted Gaudí to build an urban palace as an extension of the family’s home on La Rambla. Palau Güell was used as the home of the Güell family until they moved to Park Güell.

The entrance of Palau Güell. Some people, including me, love it. But also many think its exterior is too serious. It is not as ornate and colorful as Gaudi’s other buildings. I personally loved the ironwork on the gates.

The basement with the underground system of columns that provides a sound foundation the building. The basement vaults in 10 cellars, used for stables and servants’ quarters.

The palace gets a very impressive interior! When I entered the first floor from …..stairs, I felt as entering the endless imagination of Gaudí. It is decorated with detailed metalwork, wooden ceilings and stained glass windows. Its first floor had a dining room, a music room, and a sitting room, there is magnificent and fairly traditional craftsmanship in every room’s wall, stairway and ceiling.

The high-rise central hall is an absolute highlight of the whole building. Güell family has own private altar and organ in the central hall where the family held services. Hidden behind the golden door of the hall is big indoor chapel. Gaudi was such a genius architect that he found many clever ways to make use of the limited space.

Loved these stairs from the central hall to the music room.

The terrace was a private area that lead you into the dining room and the billiard room.

  Details in the dining room.

Stairs to the rooftop.



The rooftop is Palau Güell’s magical corner. Although the interior of Palau Guell was more of the darker gothic feel, the rooftop was typical Gaudi, with the colorful mosaic chimneys and the great view of the city, which makes make the house so unique and fun. There were in total 20 abstract sculpture decorated chimneys. If you are into Art Nouveau style, you’ll find them interesting.


鬼才建筑师高迪来自巴塞罗那不远的小城Reus。在巴塞罗那,可以找到各种高迪创作的建筑作品:从圣家堂到米拉之家,再到桂尔公园等等。作为一个巨大的新艺术风格建筑的爱好者,每次来到巴塞罗那,我都会去拜访其中一两个,因为高迪我也一直想再去巴塞罗那。 今天,我要带大家去看一个低调的高迪杰作 — 桂尔宫殿。我对它的喜爱甚至超过高迪在巴塞罗那其他更着名的作品。虽然桂尔宫殿设计独特,但是在众多的高迪景点中,却是很低调的存在。实际上这里的门票反而比比其他景点便宜得多,所以性价比可是非常高。桂尔宫殿可看的点很多,可以轻松花两个小时探索这个奇异建筑。 桂尔宫殿是高迪在职业生涯开始时的作品。巴塞罗那工业家政治家尤西比·桂尔希望高迪在La Rambla附近建造一座城市宫殿作为家族住宅的延伸。桂尔公园被一直被用作桂尔家族的住宅,直到他们搬到桂尔公园居住。

宫殿内部让人叹为观止! 当我从楼梯进入第一层的时候时,就感觉像是进入高迪的无尽想象空间。 细致的金属雕刻,木质天花板,彩色玻璃窗。……在一楼设有餐厅,音乐室和客厅。每一个房间的墙壁,楼梯和天花板上都有精雕细琢的工艺,看得我眼花缭乱。

桂尔宫殿的天台非常神奇。 虽然宫殿的内部让我想到是偏黑暗的哥特式风格,天台却是典型的高迪风格,这里有20 个风格各异的马赛克烟囱,两种风格的碰撞让这座宫殿显得很有特色。 如果你也喜欢新艺术建筑风格,桂尔宫殿很值得一看。宫殿离La Rambla不远,在天台可以看到城市的街景和宫殿的屋顶花园。