Pretend to be a tropical girl!

I hope I look tropical enough, with that coconut.

There aren’t many coconut sellers on the beach, to my surprise, maybe because some beach bars also offers baby coconut.

I had to walk for about 3 km to find a coconut seller, which was a pleasant walk though, along the white sandy beach.

In Africa, bargaining is common, even for coconut, for everything basicaly. “What are you willing to pay?” and at low tourist season, basically they accept all prices as long as that’s above the local price haha. I never really know the local price, didn’t do much homework this time.

I noticed in Stone Town already that I don’t get a straw for my coconut like in other countries I’ve been to. But that’s not a problem, it’s not heavy.

I took too many selfies, so many that local beach boys all know me now, when I walk by, they are like “hey Joy, how are you? I saw you took picture there earlier. ”

You see, low season now, not that many tourists in Jambiani, really.

I was also picking some shells, to kill some time 🙂

These are the ones I found, the biggest was given by someone on the beach and I like it.

Have a good day to you too!