Relaxed afternoon by Hồ Tây lake in Hanoi

Spent the relaxed afternoon with an old friend of mine in a café by Hồ Tây lake, or also known as West Lake.

Weather was actually not as terrible as shown in the picture, around 28 degrees, with a bit of sun.

I’m pretty bad at sightseeing in SE Asia, the heat often holds me back from going to places, luckily this friend of mine, Vicky, is also like this, maybe even worse than me. Because I remember there is a temple somewhere around the lake, but I couldn’t find temple viewing the lake from this café. While I was trying to look for it on the map, Vicky said no worries, it’s only a temple, no need to look for it.

Then we just sat inside the rooftop of that café, had a relaxed afternoon.

Have a good day to you all!